Criminal drama Endgame

Endgame is a criminal drama where one will find out the story of the main hero, namely Russian chess player named Arkady Balagan who is one of the best grandmasters in the world.
His life was going quite usual, but once there happens a terrible event which radically changes the further fate of the man.

He witnesses the death of his Canadian bride who has been killed right at the exit of the hotel under the name “Huxley” where Arkady comes to play a few games. As a result, he experiences quite heavy psychological disorder on the basis of which develops agoraphobia – a fear of open spaces. After the incident, he decides to settle permanently in the hotel, because it seems that this is the safest place.Endgame series

However, to take a room in such a place turns out to be very expensive and so one day Arcadia’s savings start to disappear. However, he is not in despair and quickly finds a way out of this situation. Being the owner of an outstanding analytical mind, the former chess player begins to help the local police in the investigations of the most difficult and complicated cases. In spite of health problems, he does that well.